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LoveinWP engineers powerful platforms for your online course dreams. Build a thriving online course marketplace where instructors share knowledge and students unlock their potential. Our robust LMS software empowers educators to create professional courses, and provides a user-friendly learning experience for students. Leverage our customizable platform to cultivate your brand and generate revenue through a dynamic course selling marketplace.

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LoveinWP: Build Scalable & Responsive LMS & Course Websites

Responsive Design
LoveinWP empowers businesses to create powerful, responsive LMS & course websites. We design platforms that scale with your needs, perfect for any industry. Instructors craft engaging courses, students learn on-demand. Start building your knowledge empire today!

Responsive Design

Responsive LMS & Course Website for all devices.

All-in-One LMS

Build & scale your course business - perfect for any industry.

Reach Global Audience

Responsive E-commerce Website for all devices.

Maximize Revenue

Reach learners globally, maximize revenue.

Online Coaching Platform

Personalized coaching, live sessions, and seamless progress tracking for global connectivity.

School & Collage LMS

Streamline course delivery, student management, and collaborative learning for educational excellence.

Corporate Training LMS

Efficient employee development, progress monitoring, and skill enhancement for business success.

e-Learning Marketplace

Create your own e-learning marketplace similar to Udemy and unlock revenue potential.

All-in-One LMS Management Suite: Powerful Admin & Instructor Tools

Powerful Dashboard
LoveinWP empowers you to manage your entire LMS operation effortlessly. Our powerful and intuitive admin panel allows you to control courses, categories, coupons, enrollments, reports, payments, blogs, contacts, users, and more. Instructors have a modern dashboard to manage their courses, analyze sales reports, track payouts, communicate with students, update profiles, and access a wealth of valuable tools. Take complete control and streamline your LMS success!

Effortless LMS Control

Manage courses, users, payments - all in one place.

Seamless Operations

Powerful automation & insightful reports.

Empowered Instructors

Dashboards for managing courses, earnings & message.

Time-Saving Flexibility

Automate tasks & maintain complete control.

Boost Conversions & Learner Engagement: Modern Course Single Page

Single Course Page
LoveinWP elevates your online courses with stunning, user-friendly single pages. Our modern design integrates course descriptions, summaries, requirements, lesson lists, instructor details, reviews, and seamless purchase options (add to cart/buy links) – all on one captivating page. Engage learners, boost conversions, and showcase your expertise.

Course Overview

Captivating Layout & Compelling Presentation.

Course Curriculum

Make Your Course Curriculum Student-Friendly.

Course Reviews

Student Reviews & Ratings Showcase Value.

Modern Video Player

Unleash Student Potential with a Modern Video Player.

Effortless Course Discovery - Advanced Search & Filtering

Course Search & Filter
Discover courses with ease using LoveInWP’s cutting-edge search and filtering system. Effortlessly navigate through categories, subjects, prices, languages, ratings, and levels to find the perfect learning experience. Enhance student or customer satisfaction with seamless course exploration on our platform.

Effortless Discovery

Simplify course exploration with intuitive filtering options.

Tailored Learning

Personalize learning by filtering courses.

Enhanced User Satisfaction

Provide a seamless and efficient browsing experience.

Improved Engagement

Boost engagement with courses that match users needs.

All-in-One Course Builder - Create & Deliver Engaging Learning Experiences

Powerful Course Builder
LoveinWP empowers you to build and deliver powerful online courses with ease. Our intuitive course builder allows you to create captivating curriculums, add interactive lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Track student progress, analyze course performance, and optimize your learning platform for success. Everything you need to create and manage top-tier online courses – all in one place!

Course Curriculum

Organize course lessons by section and add quizzes.

Course Basic

Add type, instructors, title, description,, language & more

Course Info

Add FAQ, Requirements, and Outcomes for Courses

Course Pricing

Add Course pricing, free, discounts & expiration dates.

Seamless Course Checkout Experience: LoveInWP's Ajax Shopping Cart

Course Shopping Cart
Streamline your course purchases with LoveInWP’s elegantly designed Ajax shopping cart. Students can effortlessly add multiple courses to their cart and complete purchases with ease. Take advantage of our convenient coupon feature to apply discounts and maximize savings. Simplify the buying process and enhance user satisfaction with LoveInWP’s intuitive shopping cart solution.

Empower Your Students: Seamless Course Management by LoveInWP

My Course & Course Wishlist
Empower your student with courses that students have purchased listed on their course page. They can start their learning right away or continue later. Students can also add favorite courses to their wishlist for further purchase. Experience seamless course management with LoveInWP’s LMS website development services.

My Courses

Manage Your Purchased Courses Easily.

Track Progress

Monitor Course Completion by Percentage


Receive Notices for Upcoming Live Sessions.


Save Favorites: Add Courses to Your Wishlist.

Direct Messaging for Course Collaboration

Messenging Option
Enable seamless communication between students and instructors with our internal messaging system. Facilitate necessary discussions on course lessons and enhance collaboration for optimal learning outcomes.

Empower Your Community: Profile Management for Students and Instructors

Profile Management
Allow students and instructors to personalize their profiles seamlessly. Easily update profile photos, names, descriptions, social links, and even change email and passwords, ensuring full control and customization of their learning experience.

Flexible Payment Solutions: Choose the Provider that Fits Your Needs

Payment Solutions
Enhance your customer experience by accepting payments directly on your website using multiple payment gateways. With seamless integration, you can offer convenience and flexibility to your customers while streamlining your payment process.

Expand Your Reach: Multi-Language & Multi-Currency Integration

Multi-Language & Multi-Currency
Break language and currency barriers by offering customers the flexibility to browse your website in their preferred language and make purchases in their local currency. Enhance user experience and boost sales worldwide.

Multilingual Support

Allow customers to choose their language for browsing.

Multi Currency Support

Allow customers to purchase with their local currencies

RTL Support

Reducing confusion and improving satisfaction.

Boost Bookings

Drive Revenue: Accelerate Bookings Growth.

Some Essential Features of Our
LMS Website Development Service

Important Features

Responsive Design

Course Portal

Course Saerch

Course Filter

Awesome Course Page

Powerful Course Player

Quiz for Students

Student Reviews

Add To Cart

Buy Now Options

Live Class System

Ebook Selling

Course Certificate

Course Analytics

Course Wishlist

Invoice for Students

Become Instructor Form

Multi Language

Student List

Customizable Script

Powerful Video Player

Course Progress

Powerful Dashboard

Course Management

Category Management

Coupon Management

Course Bundle

Powerful Dashboard

Bootcamp Management

Bootcamp Category

Enroll Management

Enrollment History

Admin Revenue Report

Instructor Revenue Report

Purchase History

Affiliate Management

Users Management

Front End Course Submit

Messging System


Contact Management

Blog Management

Customer Support Management

Messging System

Profile Settings

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Voices of Trust: Client Testimonials
Natalie Asatryan
Natalie Asatryan
Yoga Instructor
Read More
LoveinWP's LMS platform is a game-changer! They built a user-friendly website for my online yoga studio, 'Flow & Focus.' Students can easily access pre-recorded classes, participate in live sessions, and track their progress. The platform integrates seamlessly with popular video conferencing tools, making online learning a breeze. LoveinWP's clear communication and excellent customer support ensured a smooth launch. Student enrollment has skyrocketed – highly recommend!
David Miller
David Miller
Data Science
Read More
LoveinWP built a robust and engaging LMS website for my data science course. The platform allows me to deliver interactive lectures, provide personalized feedback through video annotations, and offer students real-world project opportunities. LoveinWP's development team is highly skilled and readily incorporated my specific needs into the design. Students consistently praise the platform's intuitive interface and the wealth of learning resources. LoveinWP is a top choice for building high-quality online courses website!
William Chen
William Chen
Professional Development Platform
Read More
LoveinWP exceeded expectations when building the LMS for my professional development platform. The platform provides a diverse range of courses for busy professionals, from leadership training to software development. Students can personalize their learning journeys and track their progress with detailed analytics. LoveinWP's development team ensured the platform is optimized for mobile learning, allowing professionals to learn on the go. We've seen a significant increase in corporate partnerships since launching with LoveinWP.

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